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Make a difference by helping us identify the small-scale changes you see in your part of California that can have large-scale impact on our entire state by telling us about a signal for change— an example of where you see a small indicator of real change in California happening now.

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Contest winners announced!

Thank you to everyone who took part in California Dreams for all your fantastic ideas. Our judges have placed their votes and we're pleased to announce the following 5 winners:

Breathing Deeply Again - Michael Minadeo
The Power of Less - Kerry Abukhalaf
Open Source School - David Preston
Positive Futures Art and Media - Kate McCallum
Festival of the Future - Mark Riva

The grand prize winner is Michael Minadeo, who received the Roy Amara Prize for Participatory Foresight for his entry. Read more >>

Congratulations to Michael, Kerry, David, Kate, and Mark!

Send us your vision of living in this future by January 31, 2011.
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The California Dreams contest asked all of us to imagine the future. Will California keep growing, start conserving, reinvent itself, or collapse? We then asked people to put themselves in the future of one of these paths, and then to show us what a day in their life would look like and how they would live in this new world.

Why do we care? Because California is in crisis. Because pioneers with brilliant ideas live here. Because dreaming the future can change the future.