California Dreaming

The California Dreams Contest is based on IFTF's California Dreaming map, which explores four alternative paths for the future of California. Take a look at the map below to inspire your dream.

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Growth will be business-as-usual and more innovation. Imagine you live with lots of technology and automation that strains natural resources. What would your life be like with a widening rich-poor gap between leading researchers and people who can't afford college education?

Constraint will abandon growth for growth's sake, use less natural resources, and focus on the state's well-being. Imagine you live with taxes as a new definition of freedom: taxes that ensure access to education, health, and public infrastructures. What would your life be like with more environmental regulations?

Transformation will reinvent the way institutions work. Imagine you live with new kinds of communities that reorganize the flow of money and resources in education, health, food production, and manufacturing. What would your life be like if games were used to solve the education crisis?

Collapse will start with a natural disaster, like an earthquake or wildfire—or both. Imagine you with the high costs of recovery draining wealth from the public sector. What would your life be like if the private sector protected its own resources in wealthy, walled metropolitan areas, while everyone else lived in slum-like conditions?

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